Thanksgiving Weekend at Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Noelle Frances

Home County is happy to announce that we have partnered with Fanshawe Pioneer Village and will be presenting amazing local musical talent on Thanksgiving Weekend (October 10th and 11th) from 12pm - 3pm in the Heritage Village. We welcome you to come down and explore local history while enjoying local talent. We're so grateful that we can bring live music back to the community.



12pm - Noelle Frances

1pm - Michael Trudgen

2pm - Renee Coughlin + Steve Plimmer



12pm - Renee Coughlin + Steve Plimmer

1pm - Michael Trudgen 

2pm - Noelle Frances


Michael Trudgen: Michael Trudgen

Michael Trudgen is an Autistic Fingerstyle Instrumental Guitarist from London Ontario.  With two albums and recently awarded Forest City London Music Award for Fan Favourite 2021, Michael creates musical masterpieces that are full of imagery, twists, and turns.  His music is often compared to Don Ross and Andy McKee, and is a fusion of jazz, folk, rock, and a touch of country.



Noelle Frances: Noelle Frances

Noelle writes in a way that is simple, honest and deeply emotional. Lyrically she taps into the angst and beauty of life. Each song has a soul and largely speaks to the resiliency of human beings. Noelle is a witty and charismatic performer who draws in the audience with her joy. She meshes a lighthearted presence and stage banter with emotionally charged, uplifting and sometimes haunting songs.



Renee Coughlin & Steve Plimmer:  Renee Coughlin and Steve Plimmer

Quite simply put this PAIR will bring you joy. Both are story collectors and music makers. Their folk pop style performance and thoughtful writing will offer you a moment to connect your head and your heart.