Rise Again Virtually! The Songs of Stan Rogers

Rise Again Virtually The Songs of Stan Rogers

Rise Again Virtually


Rise Again Virtually! The Songs of Stan Rogers


Presented by The Home County Music & Art Festival and Home Routes, get your tickets HERE


The Home County Music & Arts Festival in partnership with the Home Routes organization is proud to present this tribute to one of Canada’s greatest songwriters, Stan Rogers.  Home County was originally planning to present this show live at Aeolian Hall in London but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it had to be cancelled and has been rescheduled for the Fall of 2021. 


In the meantime a conversation occurred between Home County and Home Routes, the Winnipeg-based organization which organizes house concert tours all across Canada,  Because of the pandemic, Home Routes has also had to cancel its live concerts and has taken the initiative to produce a series of ticketed on-line events instead starting this Fall. It seemed like the perfect partnership for Home County to team up with Home Routes in order to present this popular Stan Rogers tribute show online.


Many fans consider Stan Rogers the greatest Canadian folk singer ever, and the loss due to his death in an airline disaster in 1983 is still felt deeply. He left us when he was only 33 but left behind an enormous body of work which chronicles Canadian life from his familial home in the Atlantic Provinces, westward to the oil fields of Alberta and the Rocky Mountains and northward to the Arctic. His well-known song “Northwest Passage” is considered by some to be Canada’s second national anthem and was recently released on the legendary American singer-songwriter Judy Collins’ new album, Winter Stories!


Stan’s former record producer and friend, Paul Mills has been presenting live tributes to Stan’s wonderful artistry for almost twenty years now.  These shows were presented primarily at the legendary live music venue in Toronto, Hugh’s Room, but also in other venues – most recently, London, Ontario’s Aeolian Hall. These shows have always included members of Stan’s immediate family but also talented artists from across Canada who bring their own unique interpretations to Stan’s wonderful songs. The on-line presentation of this show on November 1st will be a unique presentation featuring artists from Winnipeg to Halifax and points in between all performing live. The artists taking part will be Paul Mills, James Keelaghan, Dan McKinnon, Ariel Rogers, Beth Rogers Cassey, Nathan Rogers, David Rogers and Scott Cameron-Smith.


Get your tickets here: www.homeroutes.ca/product/concert-songs-of-stan-rogers/