A Message from Home County Artistic Director, Tim Fraser

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We’re so excited to welcome visitors and patrons, from near and far, to join us at Home County Music and Art Festival 46. It’s hard to believe that this amazing event has been entertaining and delighting the young and young at heart for nearly 50 years, but here we are again: announcing a new musical lineup, and welcoming in some of the best crafters, artisans and vendors in....dare I say, the world.

It’s intimidating, to say the least, to be ‘handed the keys’ to such a legacy event. One that has been an integral part of the London Ontario arts and culture scene for so long that there are close to three generations: grandparents, parents, and children, who can all call Home County ‘their first festival’ - and even their ‘favourite festival.’


For a long time, Home County was known as the Home County Folk Festival, but approximately 5 (almost 6) years ago, the Home County Folk League (who puts on the event), rebranded the name: A reflection of the wider diversity of sound, and an homage to the balanced importance of both art and music together, to create the overarching experience.


In my reports to the board and now to you, the public, I’ll share that my artistic vision for this year has been to ensure that the Festival’s roots are respected, its die hard, life-long fans provided with a familiar experience, based on the event they’ve known and loved for so long, and also, to integrate and inject new sounds and sights into the experience too, so that the next generation will feel reflected also.


I want you to come and discover your next favourite band, and I also want you to be able to join in the chorus for some artists too. In putting together the musical lineup for the Main Stage, I wanted to wow you with energy and soulful sounds on Friday, take you (and especially you, early millennials) down memory lane Saturday, and on Sunday, send you off with the ‘feel good’ vibes that only a deep tour through top folk music could provide.


There are also amazing musical workshops being planned throughout the festival weekend, where you can get-up close and personal to artists on a smaller local stage. A beer garden stage where you’ll discover some of the most talented local musicians that London has to offer...and so much more!


I hope to see families, coming together in the park. To see parents light up as their children experience the music of Fred Penner, who they first became familiar with when they were just tots... And to see children dancing as Saidat wows with her bright and cheerful music.

I want you to have a calm and peaceful experience, as you meander through our city’s beautiful Victoria Park, and meet interesting and inspirational people: our artists and crafters, who create with passion, deep knowledge and skill.


Even now, we’re still developing additional arts presentations, installations, family events, and varied performances that we hope will make your experience one to remember.


Please check back on the Home County site often for future updates, and follow us on social media @HomeCountyFest for more fun content.


Artistic Director,

- Tim Fraser