Home County Needs You!

Home County logo over photo of crowd at the bandshell in Victoria park

Home County Needs You!


The Home County Folk League, the organization that puts on the annual Home County Music & Arts Festival and other events throughout the year is looking for people to help make it even better. There are openings available for Board members, Committee participants and Festival Coordinators.  Details below.  For more information, contact info@homecounty.ca


Board Members


The Home County Folk League is governed by an eleven-person Board of Directors that is elected by the League’s membership.  This Fall there will be three vacancies on the Board which need to be filled by a vote of the Membership at the Annual General Meeting to be held at the end of November.  In order to run for the Board, potential candidates must fill in an application form and submit it. The Planning & Governance Committee reviews all the applications for eligibility and puts together the final list of nominees to run for the available positions. 


The letter outlining Board responsibilities and the application form can be obtained by sending a request to the Current Board Chair, Paul Mills at paul@homecounty.ca


Committee Members


Our on-going Committees are crucial to the running of the organization in all its various aspects.  These committees are populated by Board members, but also like to have representatives from the community at large some with specific expertise that would benefit a particular committee.  The Committees that make major decisions on what we do and how we do it include the following:


  • Operations Committee

This is the group that does all the detailed planning about Festival operations Things like production (sound & lighting), site infrastructure, performer hospitality, volunteer coordination, safety & security, food and craft vendors, etc. 


  • Sponsorship & Fund Development Committee

Home County depends on government grants, corporate sponsorships and private donations for all of its operating costs.  This committee is responsible for identifying appropriate federal, provincial and municipal grants and writing the applications for them as well as seeking out corporate sponsorships and donations.


  • Marketing Committee

This committee handles all the public communication and promotion of the Festival and other events throughout the year.  This includes media promotion and all social media and website activities as well.


  • Planning & Governance Committee

This is the group that looks after the details of how the organization is governed. It drafts policies and procedures for Board approval and oversees the strategic planning activities of the League.


  • Finance Committee

This Committee handles the details of the League’s financial management and ensures that the Board meets its fiduciary responsibilities.


  • Programming Committee

This committee plans and manages all of the shows presented by the League outside of the Festival itself.  This usually amounts to between 3 and 5 shows per year.


Festival Coordinators

We are looking for two specific Coordinators to assist with the realization of the Festival: 

  • Hospitality Services

This coordinator is responsible for planning and organizing the food and beverages provided to performers, craft vendors and volunteers during the Festival weekend along with other hospitality provisions which may be required.


  • Environmental Services.

This coordinator oversees the festival waste management including eco stations and working with TREA (Thames Region Ecological Association).