We’re London’s longest running annual music festival.

And that means something.

To us and to Londoners.Home_County_Music_&_Art_Festival_3D_feature copy

What’s important to Home County and our patrons is our integrity. To be certain, our brand is our integrity. We take our sponsors very seriously. Our longest running sponsors have been our patrons, our friends: the City of London and its residents.

When people see the Home County logo or hear of its reputation, it means something. In London and the rest of Canada.

All of which is to say that our brand is possibly the most trusted in this city. When we pick artisans, craftspeople and food vendors for our festival, we review each one to make certain that they are of a quality suitable to what our audiences expect.

And as London music fans know well, we have had the legends of Canadian roots music on our stages and the next generation of legends as well, in some cases, literally the children of that first generation.

When we take on sponsors, its with a degree of scrutiny that extends far beyond an amount on a cheque. We consider carefully if it dovetails with our values and that of our long-time allies, the audiences that have made us a success for four decades.

All that noted, we would enjoy sharing our brand, our reputation, with other London businesses and organizations.

If you would like to become part of the Home County brand, contact our Sponsorship team at sponsorship@homecounty.ca Start the conversation. And become a key part of the next 40 years of the Home County story…